Customer testimonials are the most effective form of content marketing...

One happy customer can bring dozens more your way. Word of mouth advertising is essential to every business, and customer testimonials help get word out about your business. Customer testimonials build human connections between existing customers and potential customers, and can often be the motivating factor to push new customers to make a purchase,as they get to know who you are what you do from someone like them.

A written testimonial isn’t enough though, not in today’s digital age where consumers crave engaging and interesting content, within a short time period.

Reel Vision Studios specializes in planning, shooting, editing and optimizing video testimonials to create engaging content so potential customers can make meaningful human connections.

Testimonial advertising works, but don’t just take our word for it.

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Studio and on-site filming

We’re proud to offer a fully-equipped green screen studio and mobile suite which can accommodate your choice of formal or casual setting, allowing filming to take place on-location, and transport your subject virtually anywhere through the magic of a digital background. Reel Vision Studios is pleased to provide the unique advantage of Green Screen Services as an in-studio or rental option for business testimonials as well as the production of promotional and instructional videos
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High-quality streaming

Or rather, why not? At Reel Vision Studios, we bring you the finest in high definition film and equipment, such as the Ultra HD RED Epic and Sony FS7 cameras preferred by motion picture industry professionals, so the quality of your video testimonial is as sharp as your message, just as nature intended.

Put your best footage forward with Reel Vision Studios high-quality video streaming and downloads.

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Script development and on-camera coaching

New to the camera? We’ll help you make it look easy! At Reel Vision Studios, we’re pleased to share a few of our most infallible professional wardrobe and speaking tips to put your subject at ease, and to best prepare a sincere, winning script and storyboard to deliver maximum impact.

On Time

On time. On budget. Every time.

To compete in a fast-paced international market, timing is everything; and with the global reach of the internet, your company’s product testimonials may be viewed from anywhere, at any time of day. At Reel Vision Studios, we’ve eliminated the typical inefficiencies of the video case study by choosing to use a portable editing suite and by adhering to a pre-determined budget and timeline. Give us a call today for your free quote: we’ll stay within the estimated values, guaranteed. To serve you better, most customer testimonial videos can be produced in as few as five days.