Why create an engaging training video?

There is an 85% increase in the retention of information when training videos are used for learning, compared to text-based content. Reduce the hours spent both leading training sessions and learning from them. Consistently deliver vital information to each employee, ensuring your team is well versed in your best practices.

eLearning and training videos save businesses at least 50% when they replace traditional instructor-based training. These new age tactics also cut down instruction time by up to 60%.

Microsoft saved $303 per employee on training. (Microsoft Case Study)

When they finally transitioned to video, the computer giant went from $320/trainee to a mere $17/trainee.

Training videos aren’t expensive: they’re priceless. Engage your employees, with emotion.

Training video services we specialize in...

  • Strategic Meeting
  • Full Script With Revisions
  • Completed Storyboard With Revisions
  • Up to 3 Days of Shooting With Flexible Hours
  • Access to Green-Screen, Teleprompter and Ultra HD RED Epic and Sony FS7 Cameras
  • On-Site or In-Studio Options Available
  • Apple Final Cut Master Certification Editing
  • Animation & Graphics, Audio Mixing and Professional Voice Over
  • Subtitles & Translation Services
  • Multiple Outputs to Choose From
  • Create An Engaging Training Video That Delivers Your Message With Emotion

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E learning Videos

Get training right...

At Reel Vision Studios, we specialize in designing and creating high quality job training videos. An expertly crafted workplace training video will get your new hires to not only read, but see and hear the information they need to be successful at their job, and most importantly make you money.

Employee training videos are integral to the success of your business because they ensure that your best practices are encoded in the minds of your staff. By appealing to multiple senses a job training video will increase the amount of information a new employee commits to memory. This will enable an employee to recall more of his or her training.

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As your partner, our ultimate goal is to provide you with a polished video product that meets our standards and exceeds your expectations. At Reel, we believe that this goal is only realized through an ongoing dialogue with you, and a willingness to constantly improve upon your video campaign.

Corporate Video Production Company Toronto
City Construction

Creating a safe working environment begins with employee education.  Provide your staff with the knowledge they require to perform their duties diligently with a well crafted industrial training video.

Customer Service Training Production

Retail & customer service training videos

Define your company’s mission, explain sales tactics, and equip your staff with the know how they require to deal with troublesome patrons and clients, with a customer service training video by Reel.

Restaurant Training Video

Restaurant training videos

Highlight your establishments steps of service, hosting duties, or up selling tactics.  Create a mixology course for your bartenders, ensuring consistency between staff when it comes to serving those specialty cocktails.  Teach your servers how to handle difficult customers with tact, and watch the good reviews pour in!

eLearning Video Production

Elearning instructional videos

The best way to ensure that an employee learns and retains key concepts is to approach the subject in four ways: hear it, see it, understand it, then do it. Even with excellent training materials, when you hear something once, it’s hard to remember. The training needs to be reinforced with testing.

Why choose us?

There is a significant benefit to hiring Reel Vision Studios for your training video production needs. All too often employee training does not teach the appropriate skill. That is to say that new hires are constantly bombarded with training that is wholly irrelevant within the context of their job.

As a premium training video company we have a deep understanding of the instructional principles required for successful employee training and how to incorporate them into every aspect of training video production.

Our training video production services are varied and can be applied to the restaurant and food preparation industries to construction and industrial safety training videos. Through the use of inspired content, visual effects, and a skilled speaker, our job training videos will achieve greater results than antiquated classroom style learning.

At Reel Vision Studios we work with you to ensure that the process of training video production is a rewarding experience. Every stage of training video production is archived so your training materials can be updated as your industry and company evolve. Contact us for additional information about employee training videos.