Long Term Construction Time Lapse Projects​

Scott and his team have been perfecting long term construction time lapse projects for the past twenty years.

We can have your time lapse site up and running in eight days

We have multiple time lapse kits immediately available including both wired and solar powered. We use 4K still cameras to record images. At the end of the project our experts compile the images to create a broadcast quality video. At completion, your customers, prospects, employees and potential employees will be able to view a multi month or multi year project being constructed in just a few minutes. 

Our Construction Time Lapses in Action

Document Your Build From the Ground Up

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There is no more satisfying time lapse video to watch than that of a project being built from the ground up all the way to completion. Time lapses really shine when their subject matter undergoes a drastic and visually compelling change throughout.

You should be proud of the projects you have built, and there is no better way to show off the blood, sweat, and tears your team has poured into them than with a long-term construction time lapse video. 

Toronto's Premier Construction Time Lapse Company

Our team at Reel Vision Studios is the premier Toronto construction time lapse production company and has years of experience producing creative and incredible long-term construction time lapse videos. We know our construction time lapse cameras and the associated hardware through and through. Creating a visually stunning time lapse takes more than just setting up some cameras and forgetting about it. It is a delicate process that requires consistent care, monitoring, and maintenance; a process we are intimately familiar with. 

International Construction Time Lapse Service

Our Construction Time Lapse services are available across North America. Reel Vision can be there to record your build wherever you’re located. 

Surveillance & a Time Lapse - a Premium Combination

The cost to surveil your build 24/7 can be daunting. Our Construction Time Lapse services turn this cost into pure value. Reel Vision’s Time Lapse cameras watch your project all day and all night, and at the end you receive an incredible time lapse you can market with for years to come. That’s a winning combination. 

Produce Powerful Construction Marketing Material with Time Lapse

Long-term time lapse videos are a visually stunning medium through which to market your construction brand. These videos are entertaining, short, and accessible – making them ideal construction marketing material.

Owning your own long-term construction time lapse video is a huge advantage that will allow your sales and marketing team to better showcase your company’s impeccable work – growing your brand exposure and sales generation in the process. Long-term construction time lapse videos are transparent by their very nature, as they provide an insiders’ point of view into the construction of your projects. Showing potential customers and clients this behind the scenes view will thus build their trust in you – adding another tool to your belt that will push your clients to action.

You only have one shot at capturing your project being built, and you can trust Reel Vision Studios to beautifully capture your hard work and edit it into a stunning piece of construction marketing that will serve you for years.

Easily Document your Project with a Construction Time Lapse

With Reel Vision Studios, this feature is totally customizable to fit your needs. We can adjust the intervals between photos, what time of day those photos are taken, and can customize them at any time remotely – based on your schedule. We give you total control over your construction monitoring so that you can always stay up to date on your build’s progress and productivity. 

Track your project’s progress and protect your investment using our time lapse monitoring platform. Accurate construction documentation and construction monitoring is music to the ears of shareholders and investors, as it allows your team to always be updated on the current status of the project. 

This ongoing 24/7 construction monitoring often satisfies our clients’ insurance and security requirements on job sites as well – killing two birds with one time lapse stone. 

Reel Vision Studios is available for time lapse productions all across North America, in Canada and the USA. Our range is entirely dependent upon our clients’ needs. Our long-term construction time lapse team is up for anything and we are eager to help you succeed with your next endeavor. Reach out to us now to see how we can make this happen! 

Solar Powered & Premier Time Lapse Camera Equipment

We offer the use of our solar-powered time lapse equipment, allowing you ultimate flexibility when setting up your long-term construction time lapse. Our solar-powered equipment especially comes in handy when the best area to film and monitor your build doesn’t have access to power or if your company is pursuing a green-energy strategy.

This time lapse camera is efficiently powered, and is kept alive with a 13600 mAh lithium-ion battery that is charged with a 20W solar panel. We also own weather-proof housing for the rest of our fleet of top-notch time lapse cameras – allowing us to take on any project you have in mind and deliver beautiful results every time. 

Reel Vision Studios is the premier North American time lapse video production company, and we can’t wait to produce a stunning construction time lapse for your next project!