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Need a Public Service Announcement video? We can help. At Reel Vision Studios, we can professionally produce your public service announcement video from start to finish in as little as 8 days.

We use small mobile teams of videographers to serve clients across Canada and the U.S., equipped to film and edit for distribution high impact marketing, training and PSA videos–both on-site and in-studio. Flexible, effective, and affordable services allow you to create a polished PSA video for your intended audience on time and on budget, every time.

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Video has always had the power to reach a wide audience; now the prospects are even broader with a growing worldwide online community. We’ll deliver your virtually border-free public service announcement video in less time, for a fair price. At Reel Vision Studios, we’ve eliminated the inefficiencies that get between you and a great quality video PSA, making us the best value in the business.

When it comes to producing the best PSA video, you get what you pay for. At Reel Vision Studios, that means a lot for a little. We use small crews of two accomplished videographers, allowing us to be mobile─in other words, ready to travel to you nearly anywhere in Canada or the U.S., often on short notice. With decades of diverse experience within the team, our video professionals have created approximately one thousand videos since the company’s inception nearly 15 years ago.

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The world in focus, or how to effect change more effectively

The power of the best PSA videos is grounded on instinct. Image can create a feeling. Image can evoke a time, emotion, place or memory, or compel us to look to the future with energy and optimism through a persuasive call to action. How is it that we can visualize the essence of a fragrance in a perfume commercial? Or live the exhilaration and freedom of a brand new car or faraway vacation package, all from a 15 second spot on television or the web? In the same way that we may choose to buy a feeling or a lifestyle that we might dream for ourselves, the indelible mark of imagery within public service videos can change hearts and minds, and bring awareness to important issues on an increasingly global scale. Focus on the positive. The status quo can, and will, transform. The best PSA videos may be those that deftly appeal to the senses, in a manner that can be seemingly improbable; this is where you taste sunshine, where you cultivate justice, and where you believe in the possible. Just as many online viewers appear to be significantly more likely to purchase something they’ve seen on video, the same could be said for the investment of a message. Is it easier to stop or never to start reading a text description, rather than to resist the moving image, however fleeting. It’s about time. In the manner that we might envision the wind in our hair, or the feelings of happiness, youthfulness and independence or love, public service announcement videos can create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action for the better. 
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PSA videos aren’t just for television anymore. Though it remains a powerful medium, there are many available alternatives to consider. Internet outlets and streaming services are among them, including YouTube™ and related uploading sites and, increasingly, social media. Why not affix your public service announcement videos to your personal website or blog, or offer an exclusive preview on a photo sharing service such as Instagram, or on an information blast via Twitter including an embedded link to full PSA videos and other related resources? Text may be added to PSA videos for further clarity and greater outreach opportunities.

A short public service announcement video can add impact at your trade show booth, when it’s most important to capture and hold onto the attention of passers-by. No matter the subject, with quality audio-visual content, your message comes across when time is of the essence.

Using the techniques that have helped entrepreneurs and business owners lead the way for years, public service announcement commercials can communicate your meaningful ideas to the people in minimal time and to maximize effect.

It’s a busy world, where commerce never tires and information is available 24/7. At any given time, half your global market is awake when another is asleep. When people are looking, make sure you’re available where they are.

Reel Vision Studios now also offers your public service announcements and videos as mobile applications for your audience to view conveniently on their portable devices. Since archived copies of your public service announcement ads are kept live to facilitate future changes, we can include this capability at your request, at any time.

Your PSA video, your way

When you align with Reel Vision Studios, we see a PSA video from your point of view. We understand the value of a company’s priorities, of corporate or non-profit branding, and the power of an effective public service announcement. Videos can visually describe instantly what could take hours to say or write alone.

If you or your staff would like to be a part of the show, we can give you on-camera tips and provide a teleprompter for smooth delivery. Whether you prefer to be hands-on, or leave the details to us, it is entirely up to you!

We can also provide you access to acting talent for PSA commercials, briefed in the issues and perspectives that matter.

Our commitment to you is a high quality public service announcement video that you can be proud of.

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High quality equipment & high definition options for high quality PSA video content...

See the world in a new light with 4K high definition video. Ever seen a low production television program and promptly changed the channel? We suggest that PSA commercials make an impression for all the right reasons. At Reel Vision Studios, our experienced team uses high quality film and camera equipment preferred by the industry in Hollywood to ensure rich colours (or high contrast black and white), razor-sharp focus, and stunning visuals that will keep your audience hooked. Affordable, professional public service announcement videos, created with your vision in mind.
From brainstorming sessions to the final frame, we are committed to presenting your ideas in a compelling, authentic way.  At Reel Vision Studios, we’ve cut out the steps you don’t need, including unnecessary travel time to and from the studio with a portable editing suite operated by a small, capable team of experts equipped to handle even the most ambitious of PSA videos. In addition to saving time and money, our clients see daily progress and can conveniently approve a rough cut of filmed PSA commercials on the spot.
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Upgrade your PSA video with special effects
& image enhancement

Strengthen your public service announcement video with visual effects only the best cameras can provide.  Our green screen technology and time lapse photography capabilities at Reel Vision Studios allow you to appear to be anywhere, and to speed up the passage of time for a dramatic perspective on a city or of the natural world in motion.  A virtual salesperson may also be superimposed on your PSA commercials, and a PSA video may also be used as part of a PowerPoint™ presentation, training video or webinar.
Your public service announcement video will always showcase your best side, and highlight what your products, services and ideas have to offer. We’ll make sure the lighting is favourable, and apply retouching or colour-correction if desired. By their nature, public service announcement commercials are often restricted to just seconds on-air. For optimum effect when you’re short on time, condense the action of days, weeks, or more into mere moments for a quick look that clearly demonstrates visible change. With flexible frame rates, time-lapse photography can be customized to your subject, and is ideal for promotions and marketing campaigns as well as effective PSA videos.

The making of public service announcement videos

When you call Reel Vision Studios, we’ll give you a free quote for your project related to training, marketing or PSA videos before we even started on your project. Then, we work on a professional storyboard, which you can give as much or as little input as you would like. We’ll ensure that your goals are reflected in the PSA video’s message the way you want them to be. Only once we’re ready to go will we start the filming process, either in studio or on-site, where you can approve our edits on the same day, saving you time and resources.

To break down the typical workflow of the creation of public service announcements and videos, the first step is to finalize a script to achieve focus, followed by shooting the required footage, a process usually begun on the day we arrive. Again, clients may choose whether or not be involved on screen, as we can arrange to brief professional on-air talent best for PSA videos to act the part.

Editing of any public service announcement commercials is done on-site for added convenience; then, completed PSA videos will be archived and transferred to the media of your choice for distribution.

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We’re proud to have produced a wide variety of training, advertising and PSA videos for a diverse clientele. We serve large and small companies, non-profits and individuals, producing high quality media to meet needs and exceed expectations. Some of our past clients include such business and industry leaders as Bell Canada, Cadbury and GlaxoSmithKline.

It’s your audience. How to reach them is up to you.

We provide clients with the means to reach the public, with their PSA video, on any outlet they want. We’re fluent in social media, and have the capacity to post your public service announcement videos online, whether as an upload or hosted by our own web service. 

Help others get the memo with PSA commercials produced by Reel Vision Studios. Whether yours is a message of public health and safety, regarding an environmental issue, or one to bring awareness to a cause near and dear to your heart, we can help you create a memorable reel for television, social media or download.

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At Reel Vision Studios, we’re always thinking about how to make great things better. Why not expand an already sizeable audience for your PSA video by enhancing it with subtitles, closed captioning or voiceover to reach speakers of various languages? Ask us about our translation services available.
When it comes to producing the best PSA video, you get what you pay for. At Reel Vision Studios, that means a lot for a little. We use small crews of two accomplished videographers, so that means we’re mobile─in other words, ready to travel to you nearly anywhere in Canada or the U.S., often on short notice. With decades of diverse experience within the team, our video professionals have created approximately one thousand videos since the company’s inception nearly 15 years ago.

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What’s better than a high quality PSA video? One that is complete and ready for use in as little as 8 days. At Reel Vision Studios, we’ll have your public service announcement video on your preferred media and archived for future updates in as little a week, on time and on budget. This is our promise to you.
When your message matters, so does the medium. Move forward with a public service announcement video that gets noticed. Call 1-844-606-1326, or drop us a line on our website, to speak with the PSA video experts today at Reel Vision Studios.