Promotional video production company

Promotional video production

Put your best footage forward and showcase your brand with professional promotional video production.
Before even connecting with a company directly, nearly 50% of users search for videos related to a product or service, and videos can help increase product purchases by a whopping 144%.

Promotional videos go more in-depth than your typical advertisement. A promotional video is used to tell a story and attract customers to your brand, without out right asking them to buy something, which is typically the goal of an advertisement.
Put it this way, every advertisement video can be considered a promotional video, but not every promotional video is considered an advertisement.

What are you promoting?

Promotional videos go far beyond just showcasing your product or service. If your company has an event coming up, make it into a promotional video! An event video is a great way to showcase the personality of your brand, and what your brand is passionate about. This type of emotion, evoked through video, builds more customer trust in your brand. You may be considering creating a promotional video for your company’s launch, or an onboarding video for new employees. Promotional videos can also be used as explainer videos, to introduce customers to your company or brand.
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Creating a promotional video

Video is one of today’s most powerful marketing and advertising tools in the digital world. Used correctly, video can do wonders for your business. A bad video however can be a detriment to your brand and your business.
So how do you create a winning promotional video?
Promotional videos should be kept short, portraying your most important information at the get-go. Our expert producers will work with you one-on-one to create a winning script, that is both engaging and informative.
Our professional camera operators can come to you and shoot your video wherever you are located, to fully capture your brand’s personality.

Using a promotional video to drive sales

Your custom promotional video, whether posted on your brand’s social media channels or right
on your website, is a great way to build consumer trust and increase sales. A promotional video is the perfect first impression between your brand and potential clients. Introduce yourself by putting your best footage forward, with a promotional video. Featuring your employees, or previous customers, can build brand trust as it allows current customers to make emotional connections.

Behind every great brand, is a great story.
Your brand is as unique as you are, and deserves to be seen! From large corporations to small shop owners, every business has a story to tell. No matter what your business is, the answer is yes, promotional videos are right for your brand! Between your brand expertise and our eye for advertising, we can create a promotional video that is perfect for you.
Are you ready to showcase your business to the world?