Marketing videos are crucial to your brands success...

Marketers who use video grow revenue nearly 50% faster than non-video users. With video content being the preferred way to digest information, make sure your brand stands out with a professionally produced video.

Make marketing videos your customers will want to watch...

Do you have unique customer segments? If so, customizing video content for each segment is easier than ever before. With some pre-planning; minor tweaks can be made to video – to appeal to different groups of customers. We can use different on-screen text, different bumpers with unique calls-to-action and even entirely different scripts when producing marketing videos for you. Planning for these changes ahead of time, can save you thousands of dollars and make your video assets more effective.

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Why marketing videos work...

Did you know that having video on a landing page can increase conversions by over 80%? It can also increase your organic rankings on search engines by over 150%! 

If the goal of your next marketing campaign is to educate consumers on your business, product or service – using video will help viewers retain 95% of your message, compared to a 10% retention rate with text alone. 

Tell us about the goal of your marketing video and we’ll create a customized plan and quote to help you achieve your goals.