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Welcome to Reel Vision Studios, nestled in Mississauga, the epitome of top-notch live streaming, virtual events, and hybrid events within the Greater Toronto Area. When it comes to reimagining corporate events, accentuating product launches, or redefining your presence at trade shows and webinars, you’re precisely where you need to be.

Why Should You Partner with Us?

Mastery Over Virtual and Hybrid Events: A striking observation from current industry data showcases that a whopping 98% of attendees at hybrid events weren’t contemplating an in-person visit. Hybrid events seamlessly merge the tangibility of real-world gatherings with the expansive reach of virtual events. The result? An all-encompassing experience that catapults your audience engagement manifold.

Anytime, Anywhere Access: The magic doesn’t cease when your event concludes. Our adept streaming ensures that your audience can access your content on-demand, opening up vistas for even greater reach and interaction.

A Glittering Client Portfolio: Our alliances with stalwarts like the Ontario Medical Association and the Hamilton Medical Association speak volumes about our caliber. These collaborations underscore our prowess in delivering sterling hybrid and virtual event coverage.

Delve into Our Multifaceted Services

Hybrid Events

Live stream landmark conferences, vivacious galas, insightful corporate events, and bustling trade shows.

Amplify your presence by live streaming physical events, making them accessible to a global audience.

Experience the clarity of HD camera footage, synchronized audio, and a plethora of graphics/presentations — replete with essential features such as lower thirds, title slides, logos, commercials, and more.

Treasure memories with a professionally curated archive video of your event.

Ensure effortless access for your audience through an embedded video player, be it on platforms like Vimeo, Zoom, or your bespoke website.

Virtual Webinars

Command the digital stage with entirely web-driven webinars, expertly orchestrated via tools like Zoom.

Keep your attendees engrossed with perfectly synchronized graphics/presentations.

Cement your brand’s message with a professionally edited recap video.

Embed our state-of-the-art video player on your preferred web page, ensuring consistent brand resonance.

In-Studio Webinars from Reel Vision Studios

Broadcast your vision straight from the heart of our technologically advanced green screen studio in Mississauga, Ontario.

Carve a niche with a personalized, brand-centric background, augmented with cutting-edge graphics and presentations in our virtual set.

Engage in fluid conversations with guests, be it virtually via webinars on Zoom or in a more personal setting within our studio.

As a hallmark of our commitment, each event culminates in a finely edited video, accompanied by our embedded video player.

Why Reel Vision Is a Cut Above Local Competitors

Unwavering Client Commitment: Our fruitful partnerships with industry giants emphasize our undying commitment to client success and satisfaction.

Unparalleled Personalization: While others might offer off-the-rack solutions, we pride ourselves in our bespoke approach. We invest time, ensuring every streaming or virtual event reflects your unique brand ethos.

Invaluable Local Expertise: Our roots in Mississauga give us an intrinsic understanding of the Greater Toronto Area’s pulse. This intimate local awareness, amalgamated with global excellence, is our secret recipe.

Embrace the New Digital Wave: Gone are the days when attendees had to cross borders or oceans to participate in a seminar or tradeshow. The digital era has ushered in the age of online seminars, webinars, and virtual trade shows. Hybrid events, combining the tactile experience of physical attendance with the borderless inclusiveness of virtual participation, are setting the new standard. They don’t just expand your audience reach but ensure that everyone gets a seat at the table.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality: Behind every successful webinar, virtual trade show, or hybrid event is top-notch production quality. At Reel Vision Studios, we guarantee broadcasts that resonate with professionalism and splendor. Our commitment remains unwavering, turning every event into a benchmark of excellence.

Innovation is Our Mantra: We don’t believe in resting on our laurels. At Reel Vision Studios, we’re always on the move. As industry standards and preferences shift, we’re not just keeping pace—we’re leading the way, giving our clients a glimpse of the future, today.

Why the Greater Toronto Area Prefers Us Over Local Competitors


Our dedicated crew is here for you. Whether it’s an initial inquiry or post-event feedback, we’re just a call or click away.

Value for Money

Quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Our competitive packages ensure top-tier services that cater to all budgets.

Bespoke Solutions

Every brand, every event carries its unique spirit. We craft solutions that not only fit your needs but amplify your brand’s distinctive voice.

Be Part of the Shift

The event industry is undergoing a dynamic transformation. Traditional formats are evolving into broader, more engaging, and immersive experiences. Hybrid events, online seminars, and webinars aren’t fleeting trends; they’re the gold standard of modern event planning. With Reel Vision Studios as your ally, you’re not just keeping up—you’re leading the charge.

Your Vision, Amplified

From intimate town hall meetings to grand product launches, every event tells your brand’s story. And with our expertise, your story doesn’t just echo—it reverberates.

The Reel Vision Promise

Every event, be it live streaming or virtual events, is an embodiment of your brand’s vision and ethos. We capture that essence and seamlessly blend it into our delivery, ensuring that your audience is not just watching an event but immersing in a memorable journey.

Empowering Your Digital Transition

As the digital landscape shifts towards a preference for live streaming and virtual events, navigating this realm can seem challenging. But fear not! Our adept team at Reel Vision Studios furnishes you with the expertise, tools, and guidance for an effortless transition, be it for a virtual seminar or a mammoth annual live-streamed conference.

Flexible & Adaptable Solutions for Live Streaming and Virtual Events

The spectrum of events is vast, and we understand the distinct requirements each brings. Our services are molded to be adaptable, ensuring they align perfectly with your live streaming or virtual event needs, from intimate town hall meetings to grand product launches.

This timelapse camera is efficiently powered, and is kept alive with a 13600 mAh lithium-ion battery that is charged with a 20W solar panel. We also own weather-proof housing for the rest of our fleet of top-notch timelapse cameras – allowing us to take on any project you have in mind and deliver beautiful results every time. 

Reel Vision Studios is the premier North American timelapse video production company, and we can’t wait to produce a stunning construction timelapse for your next project!

The Live Streaming and Virtual Event Edge by Reel Vision

As we’ve orchestrated a myriad of live streams and virtual events for renowned entities, our portfolio is rich with varied experiences and insights. This positions us a cut above local competitors, guaranteeing that every live stream or virtual event we handle is executed to perfection.

Wielding cutting-edge equipment and the newest in streaming technology, our broadcasts offer more than just visual content; they deliver immersive experiences. While many might offer basic streaming, Reel Vision promises a live streaming experience that resonates.

For Reel Vision Studios, every client holds a special place. We emphasize building enduring relationships, delving deep into understanding your brand, and ensuring our live streaming and virtual event solutions genuinely mirror your aspirations.

Forge Ahead With Reel Vision Studios in Live Streaming and Virtual Events

In the fluid realm of events, as live streaming and virtual formats become the norm, they present an avenue for brands to expand their reach and engage richer audiences. With Reel Vision Studios at your side, you’re not just keeping pace; you’re pioneering.

Why Hesitate?

The upsurge of live streaming and virtual events is not a passing trend but the future of the event industry. By partnering with Reel Vision Studios, you’re securing a collaborator dedicated to amplifying your brand through exceptional virtual events and live streams.

Start a dialogue with our mavens. Discover how Reel Vision Studios can transform your live streaming and virtual event aspirations into digital marvels.

Reel Vision Studios: Crafting digital narratives, one frame at a time. Your vision, our lens — together, let’s shape the digital event horizon.

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