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If you already knew that dynamic web pages are rated more highly by Google, Yahoo and the other search engines, you will understand how a video embedded within your website can increase search engine rankings.
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Visitors watch video, search engines watch people

Every time a visitor to your website plays a video you have posted, search engines take note. That’s because they notice a player has been started. Search engines also notice when someone is looking at your website. And since visitors spend more time watching a video than reading the text on other pages, search engines assign the page on which the video resides a higher ‘stickiness’ rating, boosting the overall ‘interest quotient’ that search engines assign to a website, and positively influencing the site’s placement in the hierarchy of search results.

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People search for video

From the search end of things, people can search for video on its own. Google has a function that lets you search maps, pictures or video, among many other things. Your website is likely to attract more visitors if it contains a video than if it doesn’t.

So the more videos you have on your website, the more visitors you are likely to get and the more likely it is that visitors will play them, making search engines take notice. The more captivating the video, the more plays it will get and the more time people will spend on your website. Not only does this attract more people to your website more often, but your ranking on search engine results pages will go up. Notice a trend here?  Another good reason to do more with your video.

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