It takes most video production companies a month, on average. Reel’s on-site “Work Cell” methodology means we can deliver a finished corporate or industrial training video in as little as eight days.

It all depends on the scope of the video: filming location, subject matter, actors & voice-over needed, special effects, whether you need it integrated into your website and other factors. Because of our Lean Production methods, we will deliver a professional video of higher quality at a lower cost than our competitors. 

The first step will be to meet with Reel Vision to storyboard your video idea. From there we can determine a timeline for scripting, shooting, editing and post-production. If you have specific music or graphics you’d like to see in your video, we can include them. If not, Reel Vision has access to a large library of graphics and music that can be added into any custom video production.

Emotion does it all. we can hire actors and help coach the people being interviewed from your company or customer base. We can provide professional voice-over to complete your production or someone from your company can provide it.

You don’t even need a script or a storyboard to get started. We have experts on staff that can help with every step in the process. We can help develop the storyboard, script and create your masterpiece in collaboration with you.

The length of time between approvals can delay your production. By bringing a mobile editing suite on-site, you can track and add input to the production during the post-production stage and provide immediate approval.

We have the tools necessary to assist with effective script development, and a knack for putting your best footage forward with crystal clear high definition video, favourable professional lighting, and corrective retouching options. We’ve also got the expertise and the equipment to eliminate the distractions of unwanted shadows, uneven textures or artifacts, and any unnecessary background noise.

Your video can come in any format you require. Most common are mp4, and web formats including Instagram , Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube. 

One great option is to create a webinar/live event. This page would allow you to broadcast your seminar online for anyone you wish to present to. Afterwards, use our webcasting technology to integrate your seminar into a website or on a webpage for later viewing.

Don’t be mistaken; your video can continue to pay dividends long after it has served its initial purpose. We have a great number of ways of doing more with your video. To name a few, you can post it on your website, broadcast it, hand it out on a thumb drive, update it with new information or even create an online quiz to accompany it. Visit our custom video production page for more ideas on how to stretch your investment.

At Reel Vision Studios, we offer professional green-screen services on-site and in-studio to maximize your message on your own terms. Our green screen studio is your personal portal to anywhere you want!

We want you to be completely satisfied with your video production. We involve you every step of the way from script to screen. We are happy to help you with any questions. Contact us today.