cost-efficient training

The best way to ensure that an employee learns and retains key concepts is to approach the subject in four ways: hear it, see it, understand it, then do it. Even with excellent training materials, when you hear something once, it’s hard to remember. The training needs to be reinforced with testing.

 Reel Vision custom eLearning programs consist of an instructional video and an interactive online test. We can use your existing training videos or create custom training videos from scratch. Then we work with you to design questions that verify key concepts have been learned.

Why Reel Vision for instructional videos?

Results are secure and automatically emailed to you. You will be able to see how many times an employee has taken a test in order to pass, and their final score. Successful employees will receive a certificate to print out for documentation. It’s so easy, there’s nothing for you to do but direct employees to the website.

If you add up all the man-hours, money and resources it takes to train employees, you’ll quickly realize this is a solution that will quickly pay for itself.