What is video editing?

In simplest terms, video editing refers to the process of manipulating video images. This process encompasses everything from cutting segments, also known as trimming, to sequencing clips, transitions, and other special effects.

At Reel Vision Studios we use top-of-the-line video editing software to expedite this process and remove the potential for human error. All of the original footage is digitized and inputted to our editing suite at high resolution, where our editors are free to work and develop the final cut.

Our video editing company is able to achieve stunning and professional grade results with Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing software because our video editors are extremely well-versed with the interface and perform the full range of functions it has from basic to very advanced video editing features.

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High quality editing...

Our post-production services are conducted through Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing software. We have the capability to input motion graphics, transitions, cuts, voice overs and music. More importantly, we have the skill set and finesse necessary to make these features stand out in video post-production.

The current standard for video compression is capable of reducing images with resolutions up to and including 8k Ultra High Definition (UHD) without a reduction in video quality. Therefore, high end cameras must be a determining factor when choosing to hire a post-production company. Thankfully, at Reel Vision Studios we have incredibly advanced Hollywood grade cameras like the Red Epic X. Choose Reel Vision Studios as your post-production company, we lead the industry in skill, experience, and technology.

The human element...

Our reputation in video production and video editing services is well established. Reel Vision Studios has completed nearly 1000 videos for nearly 100 clients! We can facilitate video requests of any type from time-lapse video productions and training videos to promotional and trade show videos.

Our experience with video editing services means that we can tailor your video format and style to conform to the standards associated with educational videos, web videos, presentations, interviews.

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YouTube videos, and vimeo!

A major part of video editing services is tasteful judgement. All too often people forget that the video must be watchable. Be wary of anyone or any company that places greater emphasis on flashy special effects and over-the-top scene transitions. If you were to watch any television show, commercial, or feature film, you would realize that the vast majority of them underwent extensive editing to make transitions less prominent and the inclusions of special effects more astute.

At Reel Vision Studios, we have a wealth of experience that informs our judgement and taste. These qualities are prevalent in every aspect of our work, but in video editing services they are of vital importance, and by a wide margin have the greatest impact how your video will turn out.