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At Reel Vision Studios, we understand that every company has unique needs when it comes to video. You may know exactly what you want, or you may know you need video and aren’t sure where to start. No matter where you are in your video project, we would love to help you create a professional, purposeful video that satisfies your unique needs.

We understand that content is the entire basis for internet search, and a play button is the most compelling call to action around. As such, Reel Vision Studios specializes in producing high quality video content that is sure to catch the eyes of both consumers and search engines – producing sales leads and generating conversions for you. We are the leader in Toronto’s corporate video production industry thanks to our tireless work for our clients’ success.

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The power of Corporate videos...

The value that corporate videos offer cannot be understated. Video has usurped written content as the king of the web, as…

"more than half of consumers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy."

As this Google article states, marketers used to use video primarily as a tool to boost early-stage awareness, but that standard is old hat now. Many key performance metrics prove that video is an effective way to engage customers throughout the consumer journey, even in the late stages.

These results appear across multiple verticals as well according to Google, as video drove higher lifts in purchase intent in the late stages of electronics, beauty, and automotive verticals.

A professionally produced corporate video can highlight your brand’s identity and effectively transmit it to a mass audience. Reel Vision Studios will help you produce videos that tell the story you want your customers and clients to hear, and this boost in brand awareness can lead to an increase in your revenue – our qualifier for success.

The benefits of corporate video go far beyond marketing as well. Reel Vision Studios can produce stellar corporate films for your company’s internal use, such as training videos and productions specifically designed for your next shareholder meeting. As Toronto’s premier corporate video production company, we will create corporate videos for you that fulfill your distinct objectives, whether its standardizing and streamlining training across the company to wowing potential clients with a video akin to an elevator pitch.

Corporate video production services our company specialize in...

  • Strategic Meeting
  • Full Script With Revisions
  • Storyboard With Revisions
  • Up to 3 Days of Shooting With Flexible Hours
  • Access to Green-Screen +Teleprompter
  • Ultra HD RED Epic and RED One Cameras
  • Animation & Graphics
  • Audio Mixing & Professional Voice Over
  • Subtitles & Translation Services
  • Multiple Outputs to Choose From
  • Our Ultra HD timelapse services can be added to any video package.

Creating an internal corporate video?

Corporate videos are a great option for internal communications. For example, a message from the CEO detailing the success your company experienced in the previous quarter would be much more memorable and effective if that message was a professionally produced video. Employees will appreciate the more hands on and transparent approach that such a video would provide, potentially increasing employee morale and experience.

We live in a video first world, so bring that world into your company’s internal communications. We doubt your employees are excited to open text-heavy emails, and we don’t blame them. Consuming video content is just far more enjoyable than consuming text content.

Reel Vision Studios will help you produce corporate videos for internal communications that will provide numerous benefits to your company, including: condensing complex information and delivering it in a digestible form, informing and educating employees quickly and efficiently, connect employees and build your company’s culture, increasing employee engagement, and more.

Let us know what kinds of videos your company needs. We’re here to help you create videos that will help influence your companies culture.

Corporate videos look great on green screen...

Green Screen Video Production Studio

We are proud to offer a fully equipped green screen studio and mobile suite which can accommodate your choice of formal or casual setting. With our Toronto green screen studio, you have the ability to transport your subject virtually anywhere with the magic of a digital background. You want a clean, white background for your subject? We have you covered. You want your subject to be walking on Mars? We have that covered too, and everything in between. Imagine the shooting possibilities!

Our newly built green screen studio is conveniently located just off the QEW at Erin Mills Parkway. We also have plenty free parking on-site. Green Screen Studio is one of the only Toronto green screen studios for rent that features two CYC walls – so when you rent our studio, know that you are renting the pinnacle of green screen productions for a very efficient price!

Need an updated Brand video?

Raising your company’s brand awareness is vital for businesses of all sizes, as you want consumers to know what separates you from the endless drivel elsewhere in the marketplace. Brand awareness drives consumers’ decision when it comes to choosing between competing companies, as well as encouraging repeat purchases. Build your brand awareness and increase your market share and incremental sales. You know what your company stands for. Let others know too.

The best way to build brand awareness today is undoubtedly through compelling video. According to Think with Google, more than half of consumers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy. People today have plenty of options when it comes to their purchasing decisions, so they search out comparisons, reviews, and how-to videos that will help them narrow down their search. Having established brand awareness means consumers will subconsciously have your company in mind before this process begins, and they will search out your videos to confirm. Brand awareness affects consumers’ perceptions and attitudes about your company and products, both of which lead to brand choice.

Reel Vision Studios creates brand videos that tells the story that you want consumers to think of when they see your logo or hear your name. A great way to showcase your company is not just showing what you do, but why you do it as well.

You also want to maintain your current customer support, and pumping out a steady current of compelling video content ensures that your customers will remain loyal. According to HubSpot Research, 54% of consumers prefer seeing video content from brands they support, while another 34% prefer to see social videos over other types of content like images, emails, and blog articles.

Reel Vision Studios will help you create branded corporate videos that capture the eyes and imaginations of consumers. Build your brand and image with Reel Vision Studios and see returns in market share and business revenue. Success for you equals success for us.

Effective style of corporate video: Customer Testimonial

Testimonials are often some of the most powerful corporate video productions thanks to their transparency and vulnerability. Good testimonial videos establish an emotional connection with new customers using the emotional connection they already have with current customers. A customer testimonial doesn’t have to be about a specific product either, as the subject could also talk about how they value your overall brand in particular and what you mean to them. The value of a customer getting to know your brand and products from someone they can relate to cannot be understated, as this trust goes a long way in their purchasing decisions.

One happy customer has the potential to bring dozens more to your business. Customer testimonials will increase your company’s word of mouth advertising, an essential piece of every marketing strategy. A Reel Vision Studios customer testimonial will both establish emotional connections with consumers and further spread the word out about your business!

Worried about how your customers will appear on camera? With Reel Vision, you don’t need to worry at all. We are happy to share some of our most infallible professional wardrobe and speaking tips that will put your subject at ease. We can also write and prepare a winning script and storyboard that will allow your corporate video production to deliver its maximum impact.

Consumers now spend a lot of their time researching products and watching reviews prior to purchasing a product. A compelling customer testimonial can help close the sale! Reel Vision Studios specializes in planning, shooting, editing and optimizing video testimonials to create engaging content that allows potential customers to make meaningful human connections.

Testimonial advertising works, but don’t just take our word for it.

Explainer and How-To videos...

Many consumers who recently purchased a new product will immediately turn to the internet to search for an explainer video on how to best use their newly purchased item. Instead of letting a random video maker on YouTube explain your product, giving them the potential to misuse your product as well, Reel Vision will help you create a clear and straightforward how-to video that puts that part of the consumer journey into your company’s hands.

Videos from popular creators are an indispensable part of most company’s marketing and brand awareness, but creating your own videos provides valuable insider knowledge to your consumers – something they will reward you for if done in an honest manner.

How-to videos can also help consumers early in their consumer journey, as the video will give them insight into how the product works and whether it will fulfill their needs. According to Think with Google, 80% of people say they typically switch between online search and video when researching products to buy. Consumers might not be fully aware of the full capabilities of your product, and a sharp explainer video will show them these untapped abilities in a fun and informative way.

Take control of your brand’s image and future with a compelling video in your style and your voice.

As such, we come to view and treat your brand with the same integrity that we have for our own company. We make a point of understanding, at a visceral level, what your company is all about and how it works. We are not only passionate about what we do, but your work as well. From the word “Action” we are invested in making you successful through an expertly crafted corporate branding campaign.

Training videos done right...


How much money do you spend each year on training? Are your sure you’re delivering a consistent message to new employees? Is the training video you created 10 years ago still up to date and delivering the right tone to your new hires?

Creating an engaging training video provides many benefits, as providing a good foundation for new employees is vital. There is an 85% increase in the retention of information when training videos are used for learning compared to text-based content. Transitioning from a text-based training program to video will reduce the hours spent both leading training sessions and learning from them, and the message will be consistent and clear. Using videos across your company’s training sessions allows you to deliver vital information to each new hire, ensuring those new team members are well versed in what makes your company great.

Employee training videos are integral to the success of your business because they ensure that your best practices are encoded in the minds of your staff. Training new employees takes time, money, and energy; a training video helps make onboarding your new hires easy, fast and consistent.

Standardizing your training processes using video will also save your company’s hard-earned money. eLearning and training videos allow business to save at least 50% when they replace traditional instructor-based training. Microsoft found that they saved an astounding $303 per employee on training when they finally transitioned to video, going from spending $320 per trainee to a mere $17 per trainee. These are astounding savings and crafting a training video with Reel Vision Studios will allow you to experience them for yourself.

Engaging training videos are priceless. Engage your employees with emotion and lay the proper groundwork for their success every time.

Restaurant Training Video

Let's get started

As your partner, our ultimate goal is to provide you with a polished video product that meets our standards and exceeds your expectations. At Reel, we believe that this goal is only realized through an ongoing dialogue with you, and a willingness to constantly improve upon your video campaign.

From script to screen in as little as 8 days, and with Hollywood standard equipment, we can’t wait to help tell your story.

Employee orientation videos

An employee orientation video is an excellent investment if your company is experiencing growth, turnover, or wanting to make the most of valuable employee training time. Training new people takes time, money and energy; a training video helps make onboarding your new hires easy, fast and consistent.

Using a video means that every new employee on your staff will receive the same orientation. Once hired, an employee can view the video, leaving your managers free to work on other tasks. Also, your staff can keep the video as a reminder of company policies and procedures. Custom-made to suit your company’s needs, employee orientation videos save money, time, and offer a fantastic return on investment.

Restaurant Training Video Production