DIY to Full Service Video Production

In 1999, our video production company’s owner, Scott Wilson got his first break on a job with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since then, we’ve been passionately pumping up our client’s video strategies by making every word, second, and visual in their content count. We specialize in helping you turn your idea into a perfectly crafted video that is sure to captivate your audience. For video production in Toronto, you can’t find anyone better!

We are more than a video production company...

We’re your brand cheerleaders. We base the success of our video productions on whether or not we helped you achieve your goals. Let’s create video content you’ll be proud to share.

If you’re looking for a video company to produce ongoing content with, we offer monthly video packages that put you in the driver’s seat of your professional content.

Clients we've worked with...

Each video production is unique. Each one made to solve a unique client need. Since inception, Scott Wilson and his team have had the pleasure of producing 1,000's of videos in dozens of industries. Let’s make your video production our next fantastic project.
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Video is the future...

Choosing a video production company that understands how to create engaging videos to inspire viewers to act is more than just find a production company that believes in great storytelling. Every video we make is born from a great story, and how we translate that story to video is our beloved craft.

We measure success on whether our videos helped you achieve your unique business goals.

How we like to kick things off...

Concept & approach

Here we dive deep into your brand. We want to understand why you want to make a video and who your video is being made for.

Story-telling with purpose

Next we craft a story-line suited to your audience. Before we start production, we ensure all the necessary details are in place (including your stamp of approval).

Lights, camera, action!

All that planning comes together to ensure production and post-production brings your story to life (using some of the best video equipment and talent in the industry).

Let's make a video in our fully equipped green screen studio...

Have an idea for a video but you’re not sure where to make it come to life? Attain the flexibility and freedom to create the video you want for any virtual audience with our high-quality green screen studio. Reel Vision’s newly built studio is equipped with two CYC walls (one green and one white) that are both 16 feet high and 33 feet wide and feature seamless corners.

This allows us to create shots with an infinite background, great for making sure your videos focus is purely on the subject or product you want to showcase!

We light both the foreground and the background of our green screen using a 25×25 lighting grid, with plenty of space on our grid for you to attach any additional lights you need.

Our studio allows for unlimited creativity, making sure your videos stick out from those of your competitors.

corporate video productions

Whether it’s internal communications, shareholder updates, training videos, how-to videos, product demonstration videos, customer testimonials, or so much more, we produce it. We know that every company has unique needs when it comes to video, and we are here to meet whatever you need when you make your own corporate video.

Creating a professional corporate video can do wonders by enhancing your brand and increasing employee engagement. With plenty of corporate video experience under our belts, we can help you in any stage of production.

As Toronto’s premier corporate video production company, Reel Vision Studios is THE place to go to shoot, film, and produce your company’s next corporate marketing video, event video, training video, or any other corporate film you desire.

Creating a standardized training video is a surefire way to ensure that your company is delivering a consistent message to new employees. Reel Vision can produce a professionally scripted, shot, and edited training video that will put every new employee on the path to success.

Reel vision also specializes in commercial ads, safety videos, explainer videos, live event coverage, animation & graphics, and so much more! Get a custom quote for your unique video needs and find out how we can help your company today!

Benefits of hiring our professional video editors...

You want your video to stick out from the competition, and you want it to stick out for the right reasons. You may be thinking that you can delegate your website’s welcome video production to that guy in your office who can edit basic videos. This would be a mistake. Each video your company puts out is representative of who your company is, and as such you want your video to come across as extremely professional with a clear message. Who better to accomplish this than our fabulous team of professional video producers? We make videos your company will be proud to show any client.

Hiring Reel Vision will save your company time and money, and we guarantee a video that aligns with your goals. Our videos are created with achieving an optimal R.O.I. for you, and we haven’t fulfilled our goal if you haven’t fulfilled yours.

Our video production company is a collective of amazing people, equipment and partners; striving to create videos worth watching.

We at Reel Vision Studios always do our homework, as digging deep allows us to lay the foundations for our next video project. Before we start a project together, you should be prepared to answer some pointed questions from us, such as ‘Why do you need a video?’ and ‘Why should your audience watch your video?’. The answers to our questions will allow us to create the custom video designed to return the most on your investment with us, as your goals are our goals.

Our video production company offers our services a la carte. Are you just looking to rent our new, state of the art green screen studio? Or, are you on the other end of the spectrum and you need help with your overall video content strategy and production? Both of those are okay, and there is no project too big or too small for Reel Vision.

Adept and adaptable, our crew of skilled technicians creates corporate, commercial and training video productions for a wide variety of clients, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Your success is what matters to us, so we take the time to understand what success means to you so that we can be sure to accomplish it. Once our paths to success are aligned, we begin our initial storyboard. This can be created together or revised by you for approval upon completion. From there, a script is created, either by us for your approval or as a joint effort.

We offer in-studio green screen and teleprompter services at no additional charge as well, so that the on-camera image we create is crisp and clean. If required, we can also hire acting talent and bring them up to speed on your company, products and/or services, and, most importantly, the goals of your video production.

Our team is also equipped with some of the finest video production technology around Toronto. We even have a Red Epic-X camera, which was used to shoot blockbusters like the Hobbit, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Jurassic World. When you hire us, you will be hiring a group of video and film geeks that is eager to take on any project you can throw at us.

Our wheelhouse...


Website videos

Website videos are the perfect marketing tool for your brand! Video on your home page can increase search rankings and customer conversions. Our stunning welcome video is an example of one of the fantastic ways we help welcome your guests. With the web evolving at the fast-paced rate it has been for the past few years, website videos are becoming more and more important as marketing tools for your businesses. They are the perfect way to send a clear message to your audience, and the benefits include: increasing your search ranking (Google loves video), sending an emotional influence that text content simply can’t convey, and your video is sure to look fantastic and in high definition, 4K, 5K or even 6K with our suite of professional RED cameras. Read more about our website video packages.

Timelapse Production

Timelapse video production

Using our timelapse equipment, we create living, moving, stories out of productions that would normally be captured as single moments in time. Think about that new project your company is building, or that car that your garage is painting and modifying. Instead of just showing your customers before and after pictures, show them the whole process with an ultra-realistic playback of time. Your customers want to see your company in action. Timelapse videos let you show them in an engaging way. We've been creating timelapse videos for over 20 years and can't wait to hear about your unique project.

Business Growth video production icon

Tradeshow videos

Want to create a video that will both draw foot traffic to your booth and keep those buyers’ attention? Reel Vision’s video production team will collaborate with you to create the best video for your next tradeshow. When 4/5 trade show attendees have buying authority, it is imperative to have an eye-catching video in your holster. When your team is busy chatting with other visitors a video can keep your next prospective client engaged until you can give them your full attention. A professionally created tradeshow video can deliver your key messages in a concise and memorable way. Why else is a tradeshow video worth your investment? That video can be used on other properties like your website or social media channels. You can promote your event or even recap your presence at an industry specific tradeshow.

Great reviews icon video company

Customer testimonial videos

Customer testimonials build human connections between existing customers and potential customers, and as such are the most effective form on content marketing! These videos can often push new customers who are sitting on the fence about buying to take the plunge and make a purchase, as hearing someone like them talk about their good experience with your product provides a measure of reassurance and confidence that cannot be understated. However, reading written testimonials just doesn’t have the same effect today as it did in the past. Consumer trust just isn’t at the point where they will believe a block of text raving about a product, and consumers covet content that engages them and doesn’t lose their interest over a short period of time. Our video testimonials will grab your customers’ attention and not let go, and they will leave the video with more trust in your company than they had going in. Reel Vision Studios specializes in planning, shooting, editing, and optimizing customer testimonials so that your videos create that

Event Videography

Have an event coming up that you’d like to showcase to your clients? Luckily for you, Reel Vision also specializes in event videography. Our event videographers can do anything from following your faces of the company around a high profile event to showcasing the opening of a brand new restaurant, and everything in between. We have years of experience shooting event videography in Toronto and the surrounding cities. Reel Vision is available for any kind of event video production you need, and we look forward to shooting your next cool event! Click here to get a quote for your upcoming event.

live streaming video production

Live Streaming

Video content today has to be high definition, or else most consumers won’t even watch for five seconds. Why would they when they have access to years of high-quality video content at their fingertips? At Reel Vision Studios, we have the finest in high definition film equipment such as our Ultra HD RED Epic, RED One and Sony 4K cameras. This equipment is preferred by motion picture industry professionals, so your live streaming video is sure to be razor sharp, just like your message.

video production studio entrance

Toronto, GTA, Guelph, Windsor, wherever you need

Need our video production in Guelph? In Windsor? In Barrie? Reel Vision Studios comes to you to provide your video production needs. Our video production company is Toronto based, but we are mobile and ready to shoot anywhere, anytime.

We are also available to shoot stock footage that can then be sent anywhere in the world. We’re international!

Script development and on-camera coaching

New to the camera? We’ll make you look like a seasoned pro. When you work with Reel Vision Studios, we’ll be sure to provide you with some of our most infallible professional wardrobe and speaking tips which will both put your subject at ease and allow your video to reach the pinnacle of professionalism and marketing.

Our video production company also has years of experience writing scripts. Our scripts and storyboards are winners that are sure to deliver maximum impact to your marketing.

studio entrance video production

Toronto Green Screen Studio for rent

Reel Vision is proud to offer a fully equipped green screen studio with 16-foot CYC walls for rent. CYC walls allow filmmakers to use an infinite background, so that your subject or product is undoubtedly the focus of your video. One of the only Toronto green screen studios for rent that features a CYC wall – the video you make with our studio is sure to blow your competition’s out of the water.

On time. On budget. Every time.

Timing is everything when you are competing in the fast-paced international market, and our company understands when you order a video, you expect it on time. Reel Vision Studios strictly adheres to a pre-determined budget and timeline that we collaborate on at the beginning of our project, and we guarantee we will never stray outside the agreed terms.

We also understand the need to turn around content for fast distribution, and we work hard to allow you to blast out your new content as soon as possible. For example, most customer testimonial videos can be produced in as little as five days.